We just received the new lavender plants at our farm, marking a significant step in the expansion of our sustainable agricultural venture. In total, 400 lavender plugs from the nursery have found a new home with us, and they include:

300 Lavender ‘Grosso’ (Lavandula x intermedia): These are renowned for their substantial growth and strong, enchanting fragrance, which makes them ideal for crafting essential oils and adding a touch of charm to our farm.

100 Lavender ‘Provence’ (Lavandula x intermedia): Bringing a piece of the French countryside to our soil, these lavenders are celebrated for their more delicate scent, perfect for culinary uses and enhancing our array of farm-fresh offerings.

The introduction of lavender is but a glimpse of the many exciting ventures we have in store. Our commitment to sustainable cultivation remains steadfast as we work diligently to enrich the soil and provide our customers with top-quality produce. Keep an eye out for future reveals on what’s sprouting next at our farm!

Lavender 'Grosso' plugs
Lavender ‘Grosso’ plugs

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